How it works

Simple and easy to fill in, register with the GAP PROGRAMME and have fun discovering ways of doing everyday tasks in a healthier, more sustainable way, while reducing your household bills


How it works

The GAP PROGRAMME consists of adopting some recommendations we will give you for your home. There are 4 themes (shopping and domestic waste management, energy, water and getting about). Each of them includes six simple suggestions.

For example, did you know that by replacing just one light bulb in your home with a low consumption bulb, you will save 115 kWh every year? If 180,000 homes were to take part in this initiative, not only would we reduce CO2 emissions by almost 8,000 tons, but we would also save around two million euros every year!

In total there are 24 suggestions and every week you'll have access to a new theme We're not asking you to make a very big effort! We want as many homes a possible to join the programme to try and recruit more than 180,000 participants.

So we can see how much we have changed, we'll also ask you to send us the results of the efforts you make by filling in some simple questionnaires. This will help us to calculate the benefits of this project on our environment

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