What is the GAP PROGRAMME?

Every day, more people are taking measures to reduce their energy consumption, use more public transport or bicycles, take care not to waste water and be aware of the need to change the way they shop and eat. All this is beneficial to their pockets, health and the planet.

Homes that have participated in the GAP PROGRAMME

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Testimonial from a household taking part in the programme explaining how stopping buying fruit and vegetables on plastic trays helped them to save money and stop generating plastic waste

Benefits for you and for the planet

If you sign up for the GAP PROGRAMME you'll have a personal page where you can download the four manuals with recommendations you can put into practice to save energy and water, get about more efficiently and shop smarter. You'll be able to see theresults you obtain with these efforts, how many litres of water and kWh you save and how many kilograms of CO2 you prevent from being emitted into the atmosphere … as well as the economic savings you'll make. All that for just a little effort.



Imagen de un mapa mundi con los países en los que está presente GAP

Countries where the GAP programme is operating

The GAP PROGRAMME is an initiative taking place in 20 countries and in which more than 50,000 homes around the world have already taken part.

» Belarus.
» Belgium
» Korea.
» Spain.
» United States.
» Finland.
» Great Britain.

» The Netherlands.
» Iceland.
» India.
» Ireland.
» Kenya.
» Latvia.
» Nepal.

» Norway.
» Poland.
» Russia.
» Sweden.
» The Ukraine.
» Vietnam

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